Together we make sustainability the key ingredient of our customers

METRO ESG strategy

METRO is a leading company in food wholesale and distribution. We strive to make our professional HoReCa and Trader customers even more successful and do so responsibly with our sustainability strategy, ESG strategy for short.

Embedded in our corporate strategy sCore our ESG strategy is the framework for our actions and at the same time the driver for all our activities aimed at increasing sustainability for our customers.

We want to drive change towards responsible and sustainable business – within our business operations, but especially in our cooperation with our suppliers through our demand and with our customers through our range of products and services. METRO sees this as an effective lever to address global challenges and to contribute to sustainable development. This is how we score in terms of sustainable business.

By reconciling our needs and goals with the needs of nature, people and future generations, we can be successful in the long term and overcome the conventional limits to growth for ourselves, our stakeholders and society as a whole.

The guiding principle here is the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) They form the global framework for action in our sustainability activities.

Challenges of an economic, environmental, social and geopolitical nature, such as the Covid-19 pandemic and the Russian invasion of Ukraine, as well as global challenges such as the growth in the world’s population, with their consequences for resource consumption, the climate and the food situation, are closely linked to our core business. These challenges are thus drivers of the issues that are of greatest importance to our business.

To address these challenges, the ESG strategy aims to deal with the issues that are most material to us, to ensure that our sustainability activities cover the aspects and concerns that have the greatest impact on our business and that we can leverage through our business activities – together with our partners and customers.

With our focus on the food sector, our sustainability strategy sets 3 sustainability priorities: climate and carbon, ethics and trust, and equity, inclusion and well-being.

With our work we contribute to the sustainability of communities worldwide. This is achieved in particular through discourse with internal and external stakeholders such as employees, customers, suppliers and business partners, local communities, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), political representatives, investors, competitors and committees. As an innovation driver for sustainable solutions, we also contribute to a sustainability movement. Through information, inspiration, motivation and support from our employees, customers and partners, our sustainable action has the potential to reach millions of people and makes an impact for increased sustainability. Being part of something creates a very strong feeling of togetherness. That is how we all can drive the change.

To benefit our customers, we have been transferring this strategy to our concept ‘My sustainable restaurant’ in order to promote sustainable hospitality as a partner of independent businesses and make it tangible and realisable.

My Sustainable Restaurant

My sustainable Restaurant

Our METRO ESG strategy is the driver of our actions which support customer sustainability on a strategic level. It means placing METRO at the core of transforming and driving sustainable business as a partner of independent companies.

To make this approach tangible and realizable for our HoReCa customers, we created the concept of "My sustainable Restaurant" – a pragmatic guide which promotes sustainable gastronomy.

My sustainable Restaurant

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