Restaurateurs want to offer their customers unique epicurean experiences linked amongst others to certain regional or cultural aspects. For them organic and responsible products are among the key ingredients to differentiate from others. At the same time these products are at the core of transforming the world’s challenges around sustainable consumption and production into opportunities.

METRO expands its assortment continuously, helping our customers to stay unique and fulfil the needs of today’s and future generations and stands strong for sustainable use of resources.

Responsible Consumption and Production
Life below Water
Life on Land

Customers can distinguish themselves by buying organic and responsible products. Of course this is cross-linked with how we at METRO source our products and covers aspects like supporting more sustainable agriculture, making a positive impact on animal welfare, offering expertise in developing suppliers, supporting local culinary traditions and its farmers, providing a route to market for otherwise forgotten species, optimizing the packaging of products. Learn more on Raw material sourcing.

Nutritional improvement of own brand products

Every day METRO strives to empower its more than 17 million customers to make healthier choices for their businesses and families by offering a growing range of reformulated, ultra-fresh and organic oriented products.

To achieve this goal, we have developed clear guidelines and targets.

Health and nutrition policy

By carefully selecting their products, our customers can create a positive impact on the environment as well as on the health of their own customers. Just think about more regional, fresh and organic food. And food with less sugar, salt, fats and additives. We support this by offering a growing range of sustainable, innovative, healthier, ultra-fresh, organic/bio and reformulated products, providing clear and easily accessible information about nutrients and ingredients and by leveraging digital solutions. 

Since 2018, across METRO 178 products from METRO own brands were reformulated until the end of fiscal year 19/2020 in terms of salt and sugar.