In order to enable our customers to differentiate themselves and help fulfil the protein needs of future generations, METRO will contribute to the innovation and transformation of the use of conscious proteins. For METRO, conscious protein means a diverse source of protein i.e. conventional proteins obtained from animals raised to e.g. high welfare standards or with reduced environmental impact as well as alternative proteins including insects, plant-based and cell grown. We will partner with relevant stakeholders and use the latest scientific knowledge to understand what a diverse balance of proteins looks like from production through to the plate.

Responsible Consumption and Production
Life below Water
Life on Land

Position on Conscious Proteins

Many of our customers, and their customers, are becoming more conscious of what they serve and eat. As a wholesale food business, animal and plant proteins are a crucial offer from METRO that can support our customers. Read more about this important focus area of METRO’s Sustainability Strategy in our Position on Conscious Proteins.

BALPro - Verband für Alternative Proteinquellen

Founding member of BALPro

Looking to our future protein needs METRO in Germany via our innovation hub NX Foods became a founding member of BALPro (the Association for Alternative Protein Sources) where we examine alternatives for industrially produced animal protein. By connecting diverse actors to facilitate dialogue, we help to develop a part of the future food system. Through knowledge transfer our customers have access to new ideas and solutions supporting them to stand out from competition with regards to their menus.