*no. of entities delivering data: 22 out of 25 countries + Corporate + METRO logistics + 3 FSD companies

Definition: In preparation for the reporting of wasted food in our own operations (= stores and warehouses) in accordance to the Food Loss and Waste Protocol, we report for the FY 2019/20 the amount of food waste in kg per m² of selling and delivery space and food waste to disposable routes in percent. Data is collected per quarter about food waste with packaging, food waste without packaging and meat and bones within our regular Carbon Accounting process. Food donated to social institutions such as food banks or given to food waste fighter organisations are not included in these figures as they are not considered as food waste. 

The volume of food waste in absolute terms is 40,577 t. 

This can be broken down as follows:

  • Food waste for composting (6,453 t) 
  • Food waste for heat recovery (11,157 t) 
  • Food waste for recycling (1,705 t) 
  • Food waste for special waste treatment (4,367 t) 
  • Food waste to landfill (0 t) 
  • Food waste for unknown disposal (16,895 t) 

Target: 50% reduction of wasted food in our own operations by 2025. This target is currently under review.