Amount of food waste (in kg per m2 of selling and delivery space)

Amount of food waste all METRO

*no. of entities delivering data: 23 out of 24 countries + METRO AG Corporate + 3 FSD companies

Amount of food waste METRO Germany

Definition: We are reporting on food waste in our own operations (stores and warehouses) in accordance with the Food Loss and Waste Protocol requirements.

In fiscal year 2020/21 we are reporting the amount of food waste in kg per m2 of sales and delivery area and the overall food waste and disposable routes breakdown in absolute terms in tons.

We are also reporting the total volume of food donations in tons. Food donations are not included in the food waste reduction calculation. Data is collected per quarter through our regular Carbon Accounting process.

In fiscal year 2020/21 the volume of food waste across METRO AG (23 entities) in absolute terms was 47,309 t.

This can be broken down to destinations as below:

  • Food waste to composting: 5,380 t
  • Food waste to energy recovery: 8,433 t
  • Food waste to landfill:  1,230 t
  • Food waste to recycling: 1,037 t
  • Food waste to special waste treatment: 9,720 t
  • Food waste w/o energy recovery: 164 t
  • Food waste to unknown / unregistered disposal: 21,345 t

Food Donations in fiscal year 2020/21 amounted to 19,228 t.

Target: 50% reduction of food waste/m2 in own operations (stores and warehouses) by 2025. Baseline for this target is now revised to fiscal year 2017/2018 from previously 2016 due to data quality and availability.

We are currently on track to achieve our target, showing a 15.3% reduction on food waste in kg per m2 of sales and delivery area, and 11% in absolute reduction in ton.

Food donations have increased by 34% since our baseline of fiscal year 2017/18.

METRO AG Food Waste Report 2021

Our Food Waste Report provides a detailed overview of our food waste reduction performance, historical data since our 2017/18 baseline and examples of how we achieved this reduction.